FrameMaker resources from Klaus Daube

Klaus Daube is a documentation consultant from Zurich who’s put together some really valuable FrameMaker resources and made them available on his web site. He posted this on the frame-users list today.

1 Enhanced Tool Bar for FM-11 : Items 2, 3, 5, 6 are also included here.

2 Modified Equation Palette : 25% larger, clearer display by use of fonts

3 Enhanced Vertical Toolbar : two rather than four levels; new functions in the upper part. The vertical toolbar fits nicely into the margin area of facing pages thus reducing mouse miles on a large screen.

4 Entries in maker.ini : a list of all the items since FM-3 with explanations. Of course some mysteries could not be resolved…

5 Customising FrameMaker : Based on the document provided lastly for FM-7 I’ve documented the procedures for  FM-11. Also includes maker.ini entries relevant for FM-11.

6 FrameMaker Commands : A list of all commandi in FM-11 created with itl script.

While his post listed resources specific to FrameMaker 11, there are enhanced toolbars for other versions of FrameMaker. The list of make.ini items may be the most useful of all of these and does show which entries apply to which versions of Frame.

There’s also a page of general resources about FrameMaker on his site that collects a lot of miscellaneous information.

Daube has one of the most useful FrameMaker sites I’ve seen in some time and I thank him for making all of this information available.

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