Garnet Rogers at Hugh’s Room

We certainly enjoyed Garnet Rogers’ show last night at Hugh’s Room. The place was packed, as usual. Garnet was in fine form, both vocally and instrumentally, playing half a dozen different guitars. Standouts were the first set closer of The Last Trawl > Make and Break Harbour, and in the second set, a gorgeous version of The King of Rome (on the Yamaha electric bodyless guitar with full synthesized orchestration).

The show closer was a powerful electric performance of Night Drive > Northwest Passage. And when I say electric, I mean more than just the guitar – Garnet sang Northwest Passage with more fervour than I’ve heard from him before, blasting fuzzed out power chords into the audience like he was channelling Pete Townsend. It gave me goosebumps. Unfortunately, we had to skip the encore to catch the last GO train.

He also read a couple of passages from his forthcoming book about the 10 years he spent touring with brother Stan. It’ll be called, appropriately enough, Night Drive and should be out in a couple of months. During the set break, I asked him if there would be an ebook edition and he said not right away, but he is planning to release an audiobook, which he’ll read himself. Based on his readings last night, I think that will be the one to get.

He will be back at Hugh’s Room on March 12, opening for Judy Collins and at Acoustic Harvest in Scarborough on September 17.

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