NYT now has a regular SF book review column

Well, hell hasn’t quite frozen over but its temperature might have dropped a couple of degrees. The New York Times Book Review now has a regular SF and fantasy review column, written by author N. K. Jemisen. You can read the first installment online.

This column has reviews of books by China Mieville, Emma Newman, Charlie Jane Anders, and Keith Lee Morris.

Jemison also introduces the column on her blog.

So, yep, my piecemeal gig from last year has just become a permanent thing. The new column is called “Otherworldly”, and the first one — which will come out in print on the first weekend of January — is already up online. (No, you don’t have to squint at the text in that image.)

I’m an eclectic reader, so the new column will obviously feature science fiction, fantasy, horror, some YA, some graphic novels, some anthologies, and even some nonfiction where it impacts the genre. I’ve got no problem with self-published or small-press books, although I believe the NYT has a policy forbidding selfpubs if they can’t be found in “general interest” bookstores, whatever that means. I like books that feature complex characters, period, but stereotypes piss me off and stuff I’ve seen too often bores the shit out of me. I don’t “believe in” the Campbellian Hero’s Journey, for pretty much the same reasons as Laurie Penny. Obviously I’ve got a thing for worldbuilding and secondary world or offworld stuff. I believe wholeheartedly in the idea that we all should get to dream, and I look for books that let me.

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