FrameMaker Find Change Gets a Boost

Adobe have given the Find/Change function in FrameMaker 2015 a big boost with the release of an updated version of the Super Find/Change set of ExtendScript scripts. With the new script, you’ll have quite a few new capabilities. Unfortunately, you’ll have to have FrameMaker 2015. No word from Adobe if they’ll release a version that will work with earlier versions of FrameMaker that support ExtendScript (like the creaky FrameMaker 10 that I’m stuck with right now).

Did you ever wanted to replace the format of all cross-references with another cross-reference format? Or one variable format with another? Or one condition tag with another one? Or change the table style for all tables with another table style? Or change the formatting of all paragraphs tagged with this wired “03_a_bd-ind-l1_2006_v3” paragraph styles with a simple “Body” style? Or reformat all those words tagged with the character style “bold” with the character style “strong”?

A couple of years back, we published the free ExtendScript “Change Formats”. The script made it possible find and change Variables, Cross-Reference Formats and Conditional Tags. We got so much feedback over the years and still today the script gets a lot of downloads. So we decided to make this script even more powerful and update it to FrameMaker (2015 release).

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