The fourth sign of a stroke

Strokes can happen to anyone, of almost any age, and it’s important to recognize the symptoms. Many people know about speech problems or muscle weakness or paralysis but there are other signs. Read this and remember it. It’s important – it may save someone’s life.

The ways for folks like you and me to detect a stroke (aside from the person keeling over) were these until a decade or so ago:

S: Smile — If one side of the face droops or doesn’t move, call 911.

T: Talk — Speak a simple sentence. If it comes out garbled, call 911.

R: Raise — Raise both arms. If the person can’t, call 911.

About a decade ago it was discovered that there is a fourth sign that a stroke is taking place: the behavior of the tongue. Ask the person to stick out his or her tongue: if it doesn’t come out straight, but points off to the side in an odd way, call 911. Oddly this hasn’t received the publicity it should.

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